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We only live once we might as well make the best of it!
- Ask Auntie Amy

Who is Auntie Amy?

Amy, your go-to Feng Shui coach, is the empowering blend of Oprah's wisdom and Martha's practicality you've always wished for in an auntie. Rooted in the rich tradition of Hong Kong where Feng Shui shapes daily life, Amy has been a certified Feng Shui practitioner since 2004. With a unique blend of Western practicality and Eastern mysticism, she specializes in Feng Shui solutions that resonate particularly with women across different life stages.

With experience in various industries—from leading bilingual focus groups to floral design and entrepreneurship—Amy is your well-rounded consultant for holistic life betterment. She integrates the art of BaZi and Qimen into her practice, helping you not only arrange your spaces but also manage your time, relationships, and career choices. Her diverse background uniquely positions her to cater to a wide audience, from the high-rise apartments in New York and LA to the coastal homes in Sydney and Melbourne.

Amy is not just about arranging your physical spaces; she's about aligning your life. She believes that every problem has a creative Feng Shui solution, and life should be as enjoyable as it is balanced.

Join her mission to change the world—one empowered individual at a time!

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