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I was extremely surprised by Amy’s accuracy. She hit the mark on so many aspects of my life.  Amy brought clarity and understanding of the steps I need to take to improve my overall self-image.  I was particularly impressed when Amy mentioned “No Roosters in the chart of any potential mate.”  Funny enough, I’ve always disliked roosters.

— Aurora G.

Gain clarity and action you need to take by

Chinese Metaphysics can help you in many facets of your life. 

With Bazi astrology you can have a better understanding of yourself, how the stars are impacting your life and career. 

Qimen forecasting can help you understand the situation better and find solution to solve your problems. 


Date selection can help you find the best timing to amplify or launch your business strategies. 

To schedule a Pre-consultation zoom meeting use the Let's Chat function and submit your contact information and the type of consultation you are inquiring about.

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