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Food for the Inner Child

People always said your stomach is your second brain. Most of us found comfort through food, I know I did.  Sometimes the food choices we made are not necessarily good for us just like many choices we make in other parts of our lives.  We do it because it feels good...we forget that food is medicine.  Many ancient cultures knew food have healing powers, not only they fed our hungers but at the cellular level that made up who we are as human beings.

A few years ago I embarked on a journey to heal my body through food.  What I found was that it changed me as a person not only in the physical sense but also at an deeper inner wounds I had as a child.  I hope to help others by sharing my recipes and stories.

A journey of healing and transformation through food

Second fermentation Kefir

Lactose free kefir with fruits-second fermentation @foodfortheinnerchild

Low carb bread

Low carb gluten free bread with everything but the bagel toppings. @foodfortheinnerchild

Sugar free orange curd

Low carb orange curd made with fresh squeezed orange juice and zest. @foodfortheinnerchild

Chocolate chips scones

Chocolate chocolate chips scones topped with salt flakes @foodfortheinnerchild

Teriyaki Pork Jerky

Baked sugar free teriyaki pork jerky. @foodfortheinnerchild

Orange Chocolate Chips scones

Gluten free, low carb orange chocolate chips scones. @foodfortheinnerchild

Recipes are work in progress, all gluten free and sugar free.  You'll have to wait for the cookbook! 

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