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Doing 1% better each day will have a domino effect

The Program

The program described in the book is part of the Zen Project 8 program from Jeunesse which I am still using to help me to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


It is very simple: eat five meals a day about every three hours. Every meal you eat is a balanced protein, fat and carbohydrate meal that would stabilize your blood sugar level and also aid your body to metabolize your food more efficiently.


Your body runs best when it is in homeostasis which means your hormones, blood sugar, stress level, etc. are balanced. The key to weight lose is blood sugar stabilization, when you blood sugar is too high greater than 120 mg/dl then your store fat, if it too low under 80 mg/dl then you burn muscle for fuel. We can stabilize our blood sugar by eating at regular cycles of balanced protein, fat and carbohydrate meal.


The program consists of three phases: Detox, Ignite, and Thrive. Detox phase is to clean and flush, like an oil change for your body. Ignite phase is putting clean oil into your body so it will start to run better. Thrive phase is reprogramming your body like replacing a new battery for your body so you are energized.

Want to test drive the program with 3 days of sample meal plans?

For $4.99 you get a PDF file of sample daily meal plan with recipes from the cookbook for Detox, Ignite, and Thrive phases.

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